CEEK: Privana Service Provider & Partner

CEEK & Panviva:

Performance Support made Simple

CEEK’s Performance Support Services focus on the design on your information in concert with system implementation and content development. Our partnership with Panviva provides moment of need performance support for a wide variety of complex, operational environments. Whether applied for knowledge management, performance optimization, reinforcing the values, behaviors, and rituals of your intentional culture plan, learning and development, or all of the above, CEEK’s implementation methodology combined with Panviva’s intuitive, tailored performance support tool will ensure your project’s success. Our primary goal is to help customers implement quickly and efficiently, so you realize immediate benefits and your organization develops the foundation for long term success.


Implementation Provider

We provide everything you need to be successful with your Panviva implementation project. We pair an experienced project manager with your team, utilize our proven project tools to plan, manage, and achieve your desired outcomes. From our Ready Set Go Workshop through to the Go-Live Celebration, we lay the foundation for a successful performance support solution. Along the way we can help you identify and improve processes, manage the change within your organization, and even weave Panviva into the very corporate culture to improve your organizational wellness.

Ready, Set, Go.


Identify content to be built for a first-phase implementation


Determine current state

Create a content creation workplan for the first phase implementation


Map challenge-area processes


Identify user groups that will be the audience for the content being written


Content Services Provider

We are experienced technical documentation writers who know how to adapt content to the precise writing style specific to performance support. We will share our style guide and standards and teach you how to write for Panviva implementations. You will also learn how to manage and maintain content; leverage the workflow management tool for approvals; and create, manage and maintain users and roles within the Panviva software. Our goal is meet you where your content is, and to “teach you to fish” so that your performance support solution continues to thrive.

business ops.png

Panviva Content 



Panviva System Management


Panviva Training

  1. Users and roles

  2. Content maintenance

  3. Administration (sys. config.)

  4. Review and approve workflows

  5. Online learning

  6. Reports

  1. Content writing

  2. Panviva tool end-user training

  3. System management

  1. Using the Panviva tool

  2. Panviva writing styles & standards

  3. Review and approve workflows