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culture and transformational strategy

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Planning Meeting

Intentional Culture Plans

In the words of famed management consultant and author, Peter Drucker – “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.” While there exist many studies that demonstrate the impact that a healthy, positive culture and an engaged workforce can have on the bottom line, few organizations intentionally define, pursue, and evaluate the desired culture for the organization. Based upon our 7C’s Model,TM CEEK offers a simple, yet effective framework to develop and implement an Intentional Culture Plan that will differentiate your organization as a provider of goods or services, desired employer, and contributing member of the community. In summary, we will help your organization:

  1. Define the Culture:  CEEK surveys the organization to assess “wellness,” including the difference between professed and demonstrated values. We distinguish between “right-to-play”, core, and aspirational values. We employ a proven facilitation approach to define the desired Behaviors that reinforce the values and Rituals that promote recurring application.

  2. Share the Culture:  CEEK develops communication and training products to reinforce the desired culture during employee orientation and beyond. Our signature “Credo Cards” offer a daily reminder to staff. We provide guidance and associated tools for necessary coaching to ensure the culture discussion continues. 

  3. Apply the Culture:  CEEK works with the organization to adapt recruiting processes to hire for the right cultural fit. We provide guidance and templates to measure performance and hold staff accountable to behavior expectations. And we help your organization track progress and associated business results.


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Why Culture?

Whether you lead a team of team of tens, an account of hundreds, or an organization of thousands, we encourage you to intentionally define the desired culture that will differentiate your organization or team. Sail the 7C’s with CEEK to learn how and reap the benefits of an engaged and inspired workforce!

Reviewing Proposal

Strategic/ Tactical Planning

What good is it to Sail the 7C’s, if you have not defined a destination? Through facilitated sessions, helpful templates, and appreciative inquiry, CEEK will help your organization or team articulate a shared vision and mission – represented as the lighthouse in our 7C’s model. With the lighthouse as your guide, we will generate the map to guide your journey in terms of goals, objectives, metrics, and associated project plans. Whether you are updating an existing plan or developing one for the first time, CEEK will help you answer the following questions:

  1. WHY: Why do you do what you do? CEEK will help your team or organization define its compelling purpose in terms of a future state of excellence. This “lighthouse” will serve to guide “what” you do and “how” you do it.

  2. WHAT: What do you do to fulfill your “why”? CEEK will help your team or organization define a clear mission statement and the associated products and/or services you offer. And we ensure your team clearly articulates who you serve as part of its mission.

  3. HOW: How will you achieve your “why” and “what”? CEEK will challenge your team or organization define SMART goals and associated plans to achieve them. We will share your goals as an infograph of critical metrics and milestones including mechanisms to track progress.

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Business Plan

With Strategic and Culture Plans in place, CEEK works with your team to test its mettle when facing adversity. We will challenge the team to embrace the tide – maintaining its character while navigating the highs and lows of the 7C’s. We offer exercises, tips, and techniques that help you build a stable and secure values-based culture that can withstand any storm and maintain progress toward the “Lighthouse” – your WHY.

Why Plan?


Organizational Change Management

Embarking on a change effort can be quite successful, despite what you may have been told or read.  CEEK can help you Navigate the Ship and renew your organization’s sense of purpose and guide your teams to understand their impact on the organization.  Our Organizational Change model is rooted in our vision for intentional values-based culture and industry proven techniques, such as Prosci’s ADKAR and Kotter.   Using CEEK’s step-by-step methodology, we will partner with you along the change process so that your change effort can withstand the storm, ensuring a long-term path to success.  Whether you are starting a change effort from the beginning or are in the midst of change and need help, CEEK will help you address the following:

  • People:  In order for a change effort to be successful, we must Serve the crew.  We need to understand obstacles and sources of frustration for staff.  When your staff understands why the change is necessary and they understand their role and the path forward, teams will be empowered to lead the charge for change.  CEEK will guide your teams to stay focused on the ‘why’ to achieve the desired results and offer methods for facing difficult obstacles and how to mitigate them.

  • Communication: Clear, effective, and timely communication is key to any effort, but especially to a change effort.  CEEK offers experts in communications planning and messaging. Through guiding templates, tips, and processes, CEEK will help your teams prepare targeted communications plans and techniques, working with all major stakeholders.  Along with clearly communicated expectations, roles and responsibilities, your teams will be prepared to Brace the Tide, handle adversity, manage risks, and overcome hurdles.

  • Training:  Training is essential for adoption of the change effort. CEEK offers training services and consultation to ensure the on-going success of your change and transformation strategy.  We must teach staff to sail independently by offering training specific to the change effort. With that, we will empower staff in the necessary new processes and tools to ensure adoption of your transformation change effort is successful.

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Group Seflie

Why Change Management?

We encourage you to engage with your team and understand their obstacles and sources of frustration. Guide them by helping them to mitigate risks and provide resources so the team is set up for success. Change requires persistence and effort:  The key is to follow through on your commitment to the change.  With the CEEK a Better Way to Change Workshop or by employing our Change Management techniques, we can help you Sustain the Hull to achieve your desired results.