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The assessment survey will instruct the individual to select from one of five options relative to each statement ranging from “Almost Never” to “Almost Always.” We assign a numerical scale (1 to 5) to each selection. We intend to track the averages for all organizations completing the survey in order to show each organization how they compare to their peers. We will also provide recommendations for services to address any identified problem areas. We tie a percent of our fees to demonstration of improvement in a follow up survey to be completed after we provide some approved set of services to address problem areas.

We use SurveyMonkey to deliver the survey via a web interface. As part of the survey, we collect basic data about the individual completing the survey (role, division/group, location, etc.), ensuring that we have groups of sufficient size (5 or more) to avoid identification of any individual completing the survey.

And we may work with organizations to customize survey response statements or to add additional tensions for assessment. However, we would like to avoid changes to the core of the survey to allow for long-term analysis across the organizations we support.

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CEEK has identified the most common tensions represented in organizations. All these tensions have both positive benefits as well as negative consequences if the focus is too strong towards one tension to the neglect of the other. For each competing tension set, we have identified six statements to assess how well the organization manages that particular tension.

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