CEEK a Better Way®...to Be ePIC

This workshop engages Passion, Integrity and Creativity to ‘Be ePIC™.’ Participants will apply CEEK’s approach to ‘3-Factor Authenticity™’ to pursue self-awareness, general peace, and fulfillment in pursuit of an ‘ePIC’ career and life.


Objective:  Help individuals uncover and apply the discipline necessary to live an authentic life of integrity while pursuing self-awareness, general peace, and fulfillment. Other key objectives include:

  • Define integrity and peace; assess the application of these concepts within your life
  • Introduce techniques to pursue a broader definition of integrity and to achieve PEACE
  • Develop a plan of action take ownership for integrity, peace and fulfillment at work and at home

CEEK a Better Way®...to Be ePIC

    • Deliver Introductory Story Pertaining to Integrity
    • Conduct Group Exercise to Demonstrate ‘PEACE’ Metaphor
    • Define Integrity Within an Individual and Organizational Context
    • Assess Current State and Opportunities for Improvement
    • Review Practical Steps to Effectively Pursue PEACE and Fulfillment
    • Journal and Complete Individual and/or Team Exercises Pertaining to Personal Fulfillment
    • Develop a Plan of Action to Pursue PEACE and Fulfillment in our lives and at work
    • Review Findings, Share Observations, and Make Commitments

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