CEEK a Better Way to…Healthy Life Balance

Are you overwhelmed by the chaos of life? Do your professed priorities often fall prey to the daily demands at work and at home? Do you lack balance or struggle to even understand what such a concept might be? Join us for a progressive series of seven, two-hour workshops to take back control of your personal and professional life.


Based on his book Navigate Chaos, Steve Wiley will lead you and your colleagues through a simple, yet effective 5-step process to balance work, family, and other life priorities. You will discover new and creative ways to reinforce the priorities in your life and be given the opportunity to test such concepts between each workshop session. Leveraging the shared experiences of colleagues and a renewed mindset, you will discover a realistic path to personal fulfillment, professional success, and general PEACE. Register now to take back control of your life.


To minimize the impact of this workshop on work and other family or life commitments, we have scheduled these workshop sessions on Fridays during typical lunch hours. CEEK will provide lunch and drink options for all participants. In addition, we will provide workbooks with course content, CEEK journals, and pens. All you have to do is show up, be present, and CEEK a Better Way!

CEEK a Better Way to…Healthy Life Balance

$399.00 Regular Price
$299.00Sale Price
  • Beginning Friday August 9, 2019 with each subsequent session on every 3rd Friday until December 13, 2019. Each workshop will run from 11:30am until 1:30pm (except 9/20 - begins 12:00 pm and 11/1 - begins 12:15 pm).

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