Our Services

Our Services

Uncover employee’s inner passions, promote a shared integrity, and unleash their collective creativity to attain organizational wellness. CEEK can help transform your organization and culture, leveraging an engaged workforce to meet and exceed business objectives.

People Development & Workforce Engagement


CEEK's workshops empower clients to CEEK a Better Way®. To help you get the most out of our workshops, we typically deliver them over seven progressive sessions in three to six month engagements. We challenge participants practice lessons and observations before progressing to the next step in their development. Our approach builds awareness to change behaviors over time. We are happy to work with your organization to customize the workshops and associated sessions to most effectively meet your business needs.


Intentional Culture Plans

An intentional, values-based culture is the glue between an engaged, inspired workforce and a growing, successful organization. So why leave culture to chance? CEEK offers a structured approach to develop and implement an “Intentional Culture Plan” that will engage your team and bring greater clarity to the values, behaviors, and rituals that will distinguish your organization as an employer, provider of goods or services, and member of your respective community.


Organizational Performance & Growth

How can we support your growth?

  • Performance Measurement & Monitoring

CEEK links organizational development and wellness support with a commitment to clients’ business performance and growth objectives. CEEK offers tools, templates, experience, and training to help you pursue more efficient operations and ways to capture new business. We have helped our clients develop and reengineer hundreds of operational processes, define and track dozens of performance metrics, and pursue and win more than $500M of new business.

  • Performance Support System Development

  • Business Process Analysis and Redesign

  • Growth Operations Process Improvement

  • Proposal Management, Solutioning, & Writing

  • Business Capture & Proposal Training

  • Culture-based Marketing