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CEEK…a Better Way®

What We’re All About

CEEK defines Organizational Wellness as an engaged and inspired workforce serving a growing or otherwise successful organization. We believe an intentional, values-based culture is the glue between an engaged workforce and successful organization. We offer an innovative approach to develop, implement, and measure Intentional Culture Plans. And we provide leadership and workforce development training, individual and group coaching and assessments, and related organizational development and facilitation services—all driven in pursuit of high-performing individuals, teams, and organizations. CEEK a Better Way® with us.

What Can We do for You?

Are you…
struggling to differentiate your organization in the marketplace?

  • Engage CEEK to help develop an Intentional Culture Plan
  • Take CEEK’s Organizational Wellness and/or Hypocrisy Index Assessments
  • ​Sail CEEK’s 7C’s toward Organizational Transformation
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Do you seek an…
innovative approach to engage and develop your workforce?

  • Consider our CEEK a Better Way workshops
  • Book motivational and/or team building engagements
  • Offer CEEK’s leadership or career coaching services
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Are you striving to…
improve operations and grow your business?

  • Implement our innovative approach to Culture-Based Marketing
  • Engage CEEK to transform your business capture and proposal approach
  • Employ our performance support systems to optimize business processes
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Do you…
desire to unlock the full potential of your leaders and/or teams?

  • Consider a dedicated 6- to 12-month program through CEEK University
  • Engage CEEK coaches and facilitators to guide your journey
  • Complete and share group assessments to uncover growth opportunities
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Are you…
struggling to balance work and other life priorities?

  • Read and share CEEK’s book, Navigate Chaos
  • Take CEEK’s Life Balance Assessment, individually or as an organization
  • Book a CEEK a Better Balance workshop
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