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CEEK serves clients across a wide variety of industries in commercial, government, and non-profit arenas. What do they have in common? They all recognize people as their most important asset and values-based culture as a means to differentiate the organization in service to its clients, colleagues, and community

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During the pandemic and while developing a COVID vaccine to protect the health of people everywhere, Novavax grew tenfold. Novavax sought CEEK’s support and expert coaches and trainers to develop leaders, support workforce resilience, and promote a values-based culture of innovation, collaboration, agility, and integrity. CEEK facilitated workshops for representatives across all departments in the United States, Sweden, and Czech Republic to clarify the intended culture of Novavax. We co-developed and delivered an annual Executive Development Program to reinforce the desired culture and leadership competencies with the next generation of executive leaders. CEEK provides spot coaching to all employees and six-month coaching engagements with interview-based 360 assessments for existing and future leaders. We also deliver quarterly training to address pressing organizational, staff, and leadership development priorities.

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Savan Group

After significant market and organization transitions, Savan Group needed to clarify its strategy and approach to harness data and information management to improve the American Experience. Savan Group engaged CEEK to facilitate strategic and tactical planning sessions among its executive team and project leaders. Recognizing that strategic changes required cultural clarification and alignment, CEEK led a representative Committee of Culture Champions to clarify the values and behavioral standards by which Savan Group differentiates itself in service to its clients, colleagues, and community. Following a series of brainstorming workshops and reviews with leadership, CEEK drafted the Savan Group Intentional Culture Plan and delivered Culture Credo Cards for distribution to all staff. Savan Group leverages this plan to promote a culture of accountability that maximizes value delivered to clients.

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The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences seeks to reduce the burden of human illness by understanding how the environment influences the development and progression of disease. In their efforts to enhance leadership and employee development in support of this mission, NIEHS contracted CEEK to provide more than 1,000 hours of coaching and training services and dozens of facilitated strategy sessions. CEEK has empowered NIEHS to advance values-based leadership, clarify organizational roles and responsibilities, and promote workplace cohesion, inclusion, productivity, and communication. 

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Aireon is transforming air traffic surveillance to improve visibility, reliability, efficiency, and safety. As Aireon’s satellite-based tracking solution proved its merit, they sought CEEK’s support to develop the organization structure, culture, and processes necessary to support future demand. CEEK developed a Customer Journey Roadmap and defined value-chain processes to clarify priorities, roles, and responsibilities. We benchmarked organizational processes and standards against best practices and industry peers. Based on an assessment of gaps and improvement opportunities, we developed project and associated change management plans. CEEK has since built online and in-person training programs to educate staff on new processes and technologies that empower the workforce to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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BAE Systems

In an effort to supply and protect those who serve and protect us, BAE seeks to groom and empower world-class leaders in a world-class organization. BAE engages CEEK to provide dedicated coaching services to its next generation of executive leaders. To help these leaders build upon strengths and develop new capabilities, CEEK conducts interview-based 360 assessments that enable leaders to more fully understand themselves and how they are perceived. Our coaches co-create personal development plans and work with our clients to meet and exceed growth expectation. BAE further engaged CEEK for Organizational Development services and related facilitation support. CEEK completed a benchmark assessment of HR organizations and processes to help identify improvement opportunities that will empower BAE to set the bar as an employer of an inspired and engaged workforce.

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The National Association of Community Health Centers advocates for and promotes the provision of quality health services delivered to underserved populations throughout our nation. During the global pandemic, they recognized the significant pain placed upon front-line health care workers fulfilling this mission. NACHC contracted with CEEK to provide leadership coaching and training services to help community health centers lead through a crisis, build resilient teams, manage change, transform culture, and mitigate anxiety and burnout. CEEK delivered nearly 100 coaching sessions and forty hours of training to front-line workers across the country. Based on the impact, NACHC has since engaged CEEK to speak on related topics at their annual conference. NACHC also engaged CEEK to design culture-based marketing solutions to attract and retain a dedicated workforce of health professionals driven to serve communities in need.

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In their effort to support state health organizations responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, Maximus sought to empower customer support teams across the country with the knowledge and processes necessary to efficiently support contact-tracing and other customer support functions. Maximus procured Upland Panviva and engaged CEEK to help plan, develop, document, and automate the processes and knowledge necessary to maximize productivity and efficiency of critical support functions. CEEK supported Maximus within eight separate state agencies as they empowered workers with the right knowledge at the right time. And we trained and coached Maximus staff to maximize the value of the Upland Panviva solution, empowering them to maximize their return on investment in the years ahead.

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 Enhanced Veterans Solutions (EVS) strives to provide our service men and women secure and reliable access to the information they need, when they need it, to serve our country most effectively. EVS engaged CEEK to help them grow their business in pursuit of this mission. CEEK facilitated a series of leadership conversations to clarify the mission, vison, values, and culture of EVS as a key differentiator. We developed the EVS website, branding, and marketing collateral to emphasize cultural differentiation. CEEK refined EVS business development processes and supports the planning, development, and management of proposals to secure contracts that empower EVS to fulfill its mission. To date, CEEK has helped EVS secure more than $100M of business.

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