Navigate CHAOS

Navigate Chaos: A 5-Step Guide to Balance Work, Family, and Other Life Priorities

“A road map for dramatically improving the quality of our journey and the legacy we leave behind.” 
  Chalmers Brothers, Best-selling Author & TED Talk Presenter

Balance Book

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Do your professed priorities often fall prey to the daily demands at work and at home? Do you lack balance or struggle to even understand what such a concept might be? Within this book, Steve Wiley shares his personal journey and a proven approach to navigate chaos in pursuit of healthy life balance. In doing so, he dismisses the notion that professional success and personal fulfillment are mutually exclusive. Rather, he demonstrates that intentional efforts to manage the tension of life balance will enhance productivity at work and fulfillment in life.

Through personal stories, relevant research, and practical guidance, Navigate Chaos conveys a simple, yet effective 5-step process to balance work, family, and other life priorities. Via the intentional pursuit of healthy life balance, you will discover a new-found PEACE that frees you from fear, anxiety, and stress. It’s now time to take back control of your life. CEEK a Better Way®!