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In a world of commoditized products and services, most organizations differentiate themselves not by what they do, but rather by how they do it. CEEK developed our 7C’s Model™ to help transform organizations through a values-based culture. Leveraging the organization’s mission (what) and vision (why), we help our clients clarify how via an Intentional Culture Plan. We offer organizational development and change management services to empower a workforce to embrace the application of a values-based culture as its primary differentiator in pursuit of its why. We encourage you to Sail the 7C’s with CEEK!

Intentional Culture Plans

If, as author Peter Drucker suggests, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” why would you have a Strategic Plan but not a Culture Plan? Since Drucker’s declaration, research has consistently demonstrated the impact of  culture and engagement on the bottom line. Based on our 7C’s Model™ CEEK offers a framework to develop and implement an Intentional Culture Plan that differentiates your organization. We will help your organization:

  1. Define the Culture – CEEK surveys the organization to assess wellness, including the difference between professed and demonstrated values (Hypocrisy Index). We employ a proven facilitation approach to define behavioral standards that clarify the application of professed values. And we challenge the organization to intentionally demonstrate creative application of its values via operating norms, or rituals. 
  2. Share the Culture – CEEK develops communication and training products to reinforce the desired culture during employee orientation and beyond. Our signature Credo Cards offer a daily reminder to staff. We provide guidance and associated tools for necessary coaching to ensure the culture discussion continues.
  3. Apply the Culture – CEEK works with the organization to adapt recruiting processes to hire for cultural fit and enhancement. We provide guidance and templates to measure performance and hold staff accountable to behavior expectations. And we help your organization track progress and associated business results.

Whether you lead a team of tens, an account of hundreds, or an organization of thousands, we encourage you to intentionally define the desired culture that will differentiate your organization or team. Sail the 7C’s with CEEK to learn how and reap the benefits of an engaged and inspired workforce!

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Strategic Planning

Why Sail the 7C’s if you have not defined a destination? Through facilitated sessions, helpful templates, and appreciative inquiry, CEEK will help your organization or team articulate a shared vision and mission—represented as the lighthouse in our 7C’s Model. With the lighthouse as your guide, we will generate the map to guide your journey in terms of goals, objectives, metrics, and associated project and organizational plans. Whether you’re updating an existing strategic plan or developing one for the first time, CEEK will help you answer:

  • WHY – Define your team’s compelling purpose as a future state of excellence. This lighthouse will guide what you do and how you do it.
  • WHAT – Define a clear mission statement and the associated products and/or services you offer. We ensure your team clearly articulates who you serve as part of its mission.
  • HOW – Define SMART goals and associated project or tactical plans to achieve them. We will share your goals as an infographic of critical metrics and milestones including mechanisms to track progress.

With Strategic and Intentional Culture Plans in place, CEEK works with your team to test its mettle when facing adversity. We will challenge the team to embrace the tide, maintaining its character while navigating the highs and lows of the 7C’s. We offer exercises, tips, and techniques that help you build a stable and secure values-based culture that can withstand any storm and maintain progress toward the Lighthouse—your WHY.

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Organizational Development

Leveraging your culture and strategy as a guide, CEEK helps organizations, departments, or individual teams assess operational activities and develop transformation initiatives to enhance productivity and efficiency in pursuit of organizational goals and objectives. CEEK will uncover operational pain points via organizational structures, skill sets, processes, and/or enabling technologies. We equip the organization with best practice comparisons, while simultaneously offering innovative alternatives for consideration of an enhanced future state. Engage CEEK to help you:

  • Assess the Organization – Through interviews, surveys, and observation, CEEK will identify pain points across people, processes, technology, and culture to understand what is working and what is not. We consider internal and external stakeholders and associated drivers to assess the current state and opportunities for improvement.
  • Benchmark Against Industry Leaders– CEEK will compare your business structure, processes, solutions, and metrics with industry best practices and future trends. We identify gaps and highlight recommended areas for efficiency gains or general improvements. We build upon best practices to offer innovative recommendations for practical improvements.
  • Develop the Transformation Plan – CEEK creates tailored, targeted, actionable, and measurable OD intervention plans to address the gaps in the organization. Our intervention plans account for and address barriers, necessary collaboration, processes, stakeholder motivation, experience, and other influences. Coupled with our Project, Program, and  Organizational Change Management skills and techniques, CEEK will help you implement intervention plans to make changes stick. 
  • Measure and Monitor – CEEK will help your organization define SMART metrics and create balanced scorecards to measure the impact and value of transformation initiatives and to monitor adoption and progress toward organizational development objectives. As warranted, we assist with corrective action plans and help with interventions to drive renewed commitment and motivation that reinforces change adoption.

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Organizational Change Management

As any organization implements a new or updated Intentional Culture Plan or Strategic Plan and associated tactical initiatives, they must account and plan for the impact on people. Organizational and cultural change is hard. Rooted in Prosci ADKAR and our 7C’s ModelTM, CEEK offers a clear and practical approach to increase the speed of adoption and probability of success for any transformation initiative. Whether you’re just starting a change effort or you’re in the midst of it and need help, CEEK will empower you to:

  • Serve the Crew – First and foremost, change is about people. CEEK will survey and/or observe your organization to understand the concerns and impact of change on your staff and stakeholders. We will assess gaps in motivation, knowledge, and ability to develop and deliver the communication, training, and coaching guidance to fill such gaps. Through it all we align personal concerns and preferences to the rational for change—our why.
  • Embrace the Tide – CEEK empowers clients to continuously monitor the sentiment of affected staff and associated stakeholders. We leverage a balanced scorecard to identify, predict, and mitigate turbulent waters, or risks, that can divert the course of a change initiative. While acknowledging the concerns of affected stakeholders, we offer and employ targeted contingency strategies to isolate problems and course correct as necessary.
  • Navigate the Ship – Though the course may change along the journey, CEEK ensures clarity of the final destination. We reinforce the rationale and end-state destination in all communications, training, and coaching.  Furthermore, CEEK recruits and empowers change leaders at all levels to navigate the ship. We celebrate first followers as we build support through engaged and inspired colleagues.

Effective organization and cultural change initiatives require a thoughtful approach that accounts for the sentiments and motivations of the organization’s greatest asset—its people. Recognizing that the only constant is change, CEEK strives to empower our clients to plan for and manage change. In addition to helping guide our clients through a difficult change initiative, we offer training and coaching support that empowers you to more effectively manage change for years to come. Consider engaging your change agents in our CEEK a Better Way® to Change workshop or individual coaching support.

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