After graduating from college and securing a job in management consulting, Steve Wiley took off on his career on a dead sprint. He was an eager-to-please, pacesetter with high standards and aspirations. While this led to some “so-called” professional success, it was not sustainable. Steve was overwhelmed and overcommitted. His tendency to operate in a perpetual state of urgent response, led to a crash – literally!

Fortunately, Steve woke up. He assessed his values and priorities and defined 23 personal goals, to take back control. Following a holiday break in which he had planned to search for new employment, Steve returned to his job inspired by a new and better way. He rewrote his job description and embarked on the most successful seven-year period of his career.

In 2013, Steve left this job, not running from a problem, but rather inspired by a personal mission. He knocked off the 22nd goal on his original list by starting a business driven by his mission to rid the world of “Zombies in the Workforce” while promoting a better way to achieve organizational success. We hope you will join us in this mission – CEEK a Better Way®.


What We do

CEEK helps organizations redefine and pursue wellness

We define organizational wellness as a healthy, engaged workforce serving a growing or otherwise successful organization. We believe that an intentional, values-based culture is the glue between an engaged workforce and a successful organization.


Why we do it

An inspired workforce serving conscious organizations

CEEK strives to prove the merits of values-based cultures and conscious capitalism as a mechanism to engage and inspire the workforce and achieve long-term organizational wellness and success. We achieve this vision one client and one organization at a time. Informally, we strive to rid the world of zombies in the workforce.

CEEK’s Better Way

Core Values (how we do it) – Be ePIC!

The creative application of a passion sustained with integrity = an ePIC narrative


CEEK draws upon and engages the passion of our staff to serve others and pursue interests and goals. Passion translates to an inspired, motivated workforce that finds personal fulfillment in serving our clients, colleagues, and community.
Be Intentional


At CEEK, integrity is more than our commitment to honesty and ethics. We pursue and promote the wholeness and balance of our workforce. We pursue innovative, creative solutions to reinforce the healthy mind, body, and spirit of our colleagues.
Value People Over Profit



CEEK values innovative leaders who challenge norms and consider counter-intuitive solutions to problems. We tell compelling stories and leverage creativity to have fun and differentiate how we do and what we do.
CEEK A Better Way®

CEEK’s Right-to-Play Values – Our Five Y’s

authenticitY - honestY - empathY - humilitY - accountabilitY


These foundational beliefs shape our culture and how we approach our work

  1. People are the most important asset of any organization.
  2. Work is not balanced against life; it is a part of it.
  3. Every individual’s story matters. 
  4. We’re never done working on ourselves. 
  5. Difficult conversations are worthwhile conversations. 
  6. Sincere apologies in the workplace are to be honored. 
  1. Good questions beat assured answers. 
  2. The client is not always right, nor are we.
  3. It’s easier to teach a doer than to activate a thinker. 
  4. Laughter in the workforce is healthy.
  5. We can be friends with our professional colleagues.
  6. An intentional, values-based culture promotes wellness—hypocrisy destroys it.

Meet Our Team

CEEK’s Core Team of Organizational Wellness Partners

Steve Wiley

Steve Wiley,

Chief Catalyst of Wellness

Steve Wiley

Steve founded CEEK with the mission to help organizations redefine and pursue wellness, or as Steve likes to say, “Rid the world of zombies in the workforce.” Via leadership coaching, wellness workshops, and Intentional Culture consulting services, Steve helps leaders and organizations differentiate themselves in service to their clients, colleagues, and communities. His book, Navigate Chaos, was a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. Steve is a happily married father of two who enjoys virtually all sports and outdoor activities. His passion for the environment, children, and families fuels his work in his community.
Jennifer Hughes

Jennifer Hughes

Chief Gardner of People

Jennifer Hughes

Jennifer wants to help others reach their potential. She does this through leadership coaching, workshops, and consulting services. As a Positive Psychology Practitioner, Jennifer works through the lens of the uniqueness of each individual supporting them in bringing their whole selves to the conversation to experience aha moments and perform at their best. She is a happily married mother of two boys who enjoys traveling, photography, reading, and experiencing new cultures and food. Jennifer regularly volunteers at her children’s school and within the community, trying to make the world a little bit better every day
Whitley Carson

Whitley Carson

Chief Creative Marketeer

Whitley Carson

Whitley focuses her creativity and clarity of vision to help organizations develop and maximize the potential of communication and targeted messaging. With an extensive background in proposal management, composition, graphic creation, and concept development, Whitley has mastered essential areas of effective, concise, and compelling design services. She is also a proud mom and wife, writer, and enjoys DIY projects in her spare time.
Kristen Gauthier

Kristen Gauthier

Chief Story Curator

Kristen Gauthier

Kristen is a skilled process analyst and communication strategist, driven by a need to understand new ideas, technologies, the people who make them, and the people who use them. She uncovers the stories that connect idea-havers and audiences to get the right ideas to the right people, when and how they need them. She always has one more question. Kristen imagines there may be free time one day and for now joyfully embraces the chaos her family creates because it always comes with a good story.
Caroline Martinez

Caroline Martinez

Chief Transformation Shepherd

Caroline Martinez

Caroline is energized by helping organizations managing change.  Passionate about culture, OD, and Organizational Change, she serves as a creative change agent and Leadership Coach to deliver long term results for her customers.  Adept at seeing the big picture, she helps clients improve operations and structures to enhance productivity and efficiency. As a strategist, she understands how to tackle and solve complex issues and implement a transformation strategy tailored to the specific needs of the client.  Caroline enjoys running, the beach, animals, and mostly spending time with her family.

Susan Stines

Chief Synergy Cultivator

Susan Stines

Susan believes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Whether you're talking about the melding of an individual’s traits and talents or the teamwork that catapults groups to greater heights, Susan has an unending curiosity about how people’s brains work and what that means for the teams she leads or joins. Her unique capacity to see the entire forest and each leaf leads to the skillful analysis of the impact of small actions on the big picture. This vision illuminates the best path to success in managing proposals, launching implementation, and creating dynamic presentations. She is comfortable leading and amplifying others’ talents. Her background in the sciences, education, nonprofit management, government contracts, and workshop development has taught her to listen, observe, analyze, collaborate, adapt, and coach no matter the end goal. Outside of work Susan enjoys earning random certifications, kayaking, hiking, spending time with her family, and volunteering to help animals. 

A Sample of CEEK’s Enhanced Roster of
Coaches, Trainers, and Facilitators

Marvin Chambers

Marvin Chambers

Executive coach, talent strategist, and facilitator delivering coaching and human resource leadership programs.

Dianne Falk

ICF certified coach and trainer imparting leadership lessons that she learned at West Point and in corporate America.

Doug Hensch

ICF certified coach, author, and podcast host delivering coaching, training, and executive development services.

Valerie Brown

Former US Army Officer, retired Federal Workforce Leader, and ICF certified coach delivering individual and group coaching services

Dimple Dhabalia

ICF certified coach developing and delivering positive psychology-based coaching and training focused on mindful performance and DEIB.

Barry Coleman

Barry Coleman

ICF certified coach, trainer, and facilitator providing coaching services with a focus on executive leadership and DEI

Court Whitman

ICF certified coach leveraging lessons from his experience as a Green Beret to inspire high performance.

Junie Nathani

Coach and teacher developing and delivering leadership and mindfulness programs through CEEK and Georgetown University.