Our mission is to help organizations redefine and pursue Organizational Wellness.

We define organizational wellness as a healthy, engaged workforce serving a growing, successful organization. We believe that an intentional, values-based culture is the glue between an engaged workforce and a successful organization. Our vision is an inspired workforce serving conscious organizations.



of Organizational Wellness Partners
Steve Wiley
Chief Catalyst of Wellness
Jennifer Hughes
Chief Gardener of People
Whitley Carson
Chief Creative Marketeer
Kristen Gauthier
Chief Story Curator
Chris King
Chief Learning Provocateur
Maggie Cumby
Chief Social Energizer
Caroline Martinez
Chief Transformation Shepherd
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on the Eastern seaboard,
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located across the States.
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As Aireon reinvents air traffic surveillance, CEEK is developing the processes and documentation needed to define and deliver the Aireon Value Chain. CEEK is helping Aireon define the organizational model and intentional culture required to effectively deliver upon the Value Chain and serve its customers. We are defining and developing the Customer Journey as a playbook for acquisition, support and retention of customers.

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CEEK helps organizations redefine and pursue ‘Organizational Wellness.’

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