Are You a Zombie?


Remember the time when you loved Halloween? Perhaps it was the costumes and candy. Or maybe it was simply the freedom to be what you wanted to be. Do you still love Halloween? Or have you surrendered the freedom to be what you want to be?

When I was 10, I dressed as a zombie for Halloween. Approximately 20 years later I completed the transition. No longer was it just a temporary costume on one October 31st. Rather, it became a way of life.

Collins English Dictionary defines a zombie as “a person who is or appears to be lifeless, apathetic, or totally lacking in independent judgment[KG1] .” By my early thirties, this was a good description of me. I was a zombie in the workforce. I was uninspired in my job and unfulfilled in life.

Are you uninspired and complacent in your job and life? Like the zombies of popular fiction are you lifeless, apathetic, or totally lacking in independent judgement? In the spirit of Halloween, I challenge you to decide what you want to be this year … and beyond. Take the CONN! Ditch the zombie costume for something better.

As detailed in my book, Navigate Chaos, I share stories of myself and others who successfully crafted our jobs in a manner more consistent with our values and life purpose. Ernestine Jackson was a cafeteria worker who served food. Not according to Ernestine … she served souls. A hospital employee was hired to clean rooms. Not according to him … he was a healer. Years ago, I was a disengaged manager of federal IT projects. I redefined my job to “inspire and empower my clients and colleagues to be successful in their professional and personal lives.” Ultimately, this was a critical step as I transformed from a zombie in the workforce to an inspired leader and fulfilled human being.

This Halloween, I encourage you to take a moment to reassess how you view your job. Redefine your job in a manner more consistent with your purpose and values. Consider your job in terms of “why” you do it not “what” you do. Define unique and differentiating ways to demonstrate your personal values and passion at work and in life. Ditch the zombie costume and show up as an inspired, engaged, and fulfilled employee serving a greater purpose. CEEK a Better Way!