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CEEK Partners With SurePeople

Have you ever taken a leadership, cultural, team, or behavioral assessment? In spite of some great insights, how often has that assessment gone on the shelf without a lasting, tangible impact? What, if anything, have you or your team done with the insights gained?

Consistent with our motto to CEEK a Better Way®, CEEK is pleased to announce an Affiliate Partnership with SurePeople, a cloud-based people analytics platform. SurePeople’s platform integrates Prism, a powerful psychometric assessment that uniquely delivers predictive insights and prescriptive actions for greater self-awareness, personal growth, leadership development and team optimization.

How is Prism different from other assessments?

Developed over 30 years and rigorously tested for validity and reliability, Prism provides the richest, most nuanced understanding of the “whole person” by measuring 54 key traits and attributes across six integrated modules – Personality, Processing, Decision Making, Conflict Management and Motivation. Lisa DeAngelis, Ph.D., Director for the Center of Collaborative Leadership at UMass Boston says, “Prism is uniquely multifaceted. We’re not just looking at one dimension of a human being; we’re looking at the whole human being. How do you show up? What motivates you? How do you behave under pressure? How do you communicate? These are important dimensions for everyone to understand, not only about themselves but the impact that those dimensions have on others.

SurePeople’s platform also features tools such Relationship Advisor and Team Advisor. Leveraging Prism’s insights, leaders and team members can use Relationship Advisor and Team Advisor in the flow of work to gain a deeper understanding of each other; identify and eliminate the root causes of conflict; and improve communication and collaboration. Further, within a single user interface, your team can access an extensive library of training videos, articles, and on-demand coaching to address development opportunities. Most important, you and your colleagues can reference, build upon, and capitalize on this data for years to come as you form, sustain, and inspire extraordinary teams.

The entire CEEK team has been trained and certified in the SurePeople platform. More importantly, we are using the tool ourselves to enhance self-awareness, prepare and track development plans, and further strengthen team dynamics and relationships. CEEK is now proud to offer the SurePeople platform and related coaching and professional development services to our clients.

Email TODAY to learn more or to request a demo of the platform. We are offering a FREE Prism Assessment to any individual that requests a demo within the next seven days.* As always, we encourage you to CEEK a Better Way®!

Limited to one assessment per organization.


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