Ceek Profiles: Meet Aliyah Turrentine


This week, we’re highlighting CEEK’s newest team member and Chief Illuminator, Aliyah Turrentine.

Tell us a little about yourself and what attracted you to CEEK.

I recently graduated with a Masters of Education in Leadership. I noticed CEEK online while looking for careers outside of higher education. I was drawn by their focus on wellness—I’m an advocate for wellness and self-care at the forefront. I thought I might find a home here, as a passionate, growing early career professional. When I logged in for an interview, the whole team was online. Everyone was present, smiling—it felt like a good fit.

Can you tell us about what it means to be CEEKer?

For me, being a CEEK-er is about creating balance in life. I’m learning more about this in working with Steve. It’s about knowing that I don’t have to be perfect all the time or always be on. At CEEK, it’s okay, and encouraged, to bring your authentic self. I feel like I’ve gotten to know everyone on a personal level. At CEEK we work and play, which is nice.

What’s your field of expertise and how did you get into it?

I want to grow as an instructional designer, creating content that speaks to adult learners. I’m also interested in expanding our offerings to target K-12 educators. Consistent with CEEK, I have a passion for helping children and youth. As a first generation college graduate, I have a passion for first gen students and would like to focus on that group.

I’m also interested in becoming a certified coach. As a former college advisor and mentor, I enjoyed helping students discover their talents and passion. I want to be able to help people grow in leadership roles, progress in their careers, and create environments where they can thrive. I hope I can help people find ways to be themselves without keeping a filter on all the time.

What are you working on now?

I’m working with several of CEEK’s clients as I ramp up: I am putting the final touches on an instructional design piece and finishing up a facilitator guide to help a client deliver training. I’m also training to become PANVIVA certified so I can help clients implement the performance support solution. Internally, I’m working on CEEK University and preparing diversity, equity, and inclusion content.

So what’s next for you then?

There’s so much I’m excited to get into. I’m moving deeper in the Equity Conversation, building training for CEEK internally, and developing diversity, equity, and inclusion training for clients. I also want to develop my skills as a mentor and begin a coaching certification.