CEEK University for Collegiate Athletics

Since 2013, CEEK LLC has helped dozens of commercial and non-profit organizations develop and implement Intentional Culture Plans to differentiate themselves in service to their clients, colleagues, and communities and to mitigate risk. Recognizing the many pressures facing Athletic Directors and Coaches, we’re bringing our Intentional Culture offering to collegiate athletic programs and teams.

Why CEEK a Better Way?

CEEK helps athletic organizations redefine and pursue wellness. We define wellness as healthy & engaged student athletes, coaches, and athletic directors serving united & successful teams. We believe that an intentional, values-based culture is the key. Learn how to engage and inspire student athletes, coaches, and program stakeholders in pursuit of competitive, academic, and fiscal excellence, while mitigating the risk of undesirable headlines. We welcome the opportunity to share insights and even provide free training to you and your staff. Feel free to use this link to schedule an online meeting at your convenience with our founder, Steve Wiley.

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