Celebrate Success


It’s our birthday! Ten years ago, our Founder and President, Steve Wiley, set out to rid the world of zombies in the workforce by elevating values-based leadership and conscious capitalism as a better way to organizational wellness and success. We’ve accomplished a lot in our first decade and we know how we want to grow in the next one. However, before we skip over our milestone, we’re taking this opportunity to celebrate how far we’ve come. In honor of our birthday, we are challenging you to celebrate success in this Organizational Wellness Challenge. The benefits of celebrating success are intuitive and well documented (for example, here and here). It promotes team building, positivity, and productivity while building culture and improving retention—all good things for your bottom line.

How to Celebrate Success

  1. Know What to Celebrate. Clarify for yourself and for your team what you want to celebrate. This might be individuals and teams, large wins and small incremental change, and helpful consistency. Knowing what you are looking for sharpens your eye and helps you focus as you go through your day. Practice recognizing things to celebrate. The more you practice, the more you will see to celebrate.
  2. Celebrate Intentionally. Embed appreciation, gratitude, and celebration in your team or organization’s culture by defining when, what, and how you celebrate. Every day, we share something we are grateful for on the team stand up. Every contract win, we ring the bell. Define what calls for celebration and note ways you can celebrate. These can be formal or informal. Create triggers and make it a habit.
  3. Write it Down. Log what you see—who did what awesome thing, when and under what circumstances. Extra points if you can tie back to your team or organization’s values. If you write it down, you won’t forget or have to wade through email or Slack when you need to put together those All Hands meeting slides or send out quarterly spot awards.

Celebrate success as part of your culture with March’s Organizational Wellness Challenge. Practice finding things to celebrate; define when, what, and how to celebrate; and write it all down. CEEK a Better Way to celebrate!