Embrace a Broader Definition of Integrity


When individuals and organizations speak of integrity, they most often refer to adherence to the highest standards of honesty and ethics and follow through on one’s word or commitments. However, if that is the extent of your perspective on the value and significance of integrity you are missing a critical element that most significantly contributes to a healthy, engaged, and inspired workforce.

The word integrity isderived from the word integer—a whole number, a complete entity. Just like it takes maintenance to ensure the integrity, wholeness, and workability of a machine, so too does it take maintenance to safeguard the integrity, wholeness, and workability of an individual and workforce. The leading organizations of the future embrace the ‘wholeness’ or ‘workability’ of their employees as a discriminator in attracting and retaining the best and brightest to support their mission. Furthermore, via programs that support employee wholeness and well being, organizations can maximize the long-term productivity and effectiveness of their employees.

CEEK has had the good fortune to work with clients that understand and embrace a broader definition of integrity. One client has engaged their staff in ‘strength finder’ and personality assessments to assist in understanding ‘self’ and improving relationships. Another offers a non-denominational corporate chaplain to provide spiritual consultation and support. A third client has provided CEEK’s professional and life coaching services to every employee of the company. While two others engaged us in corporate speaking engagements focused on ‘Mind’ (Managing Stress), ‘Body’ (Striving for Greatness), and ‘Spirit’ (Pursuing Healthy Balance). In each case, the appreciation has been genuine with significant positive impact on the workability, wholeness, and well being of the workforce.

These are just a few examples of the many ways you can promote a broader definition of integrity within your organization and your life. Set the example of what it means to pursue ‘wholeness’ and ‘workability.’ Be authentic in your life and interactions with colleagues. Engage in a dialog about the tensions of work/life balance. Share your own struggles and successes. Bring in practical speakers or a consultant that can help. Provide tools, assistance, and/or coaching to your colleagues that encourage them to identify and capitalize on their strengths and passion. Promote policies and benefits that support mental, physical, and spiritual health. ‘CEEK a Better Way™’…we can help!