Integrity as a Differentiator…Really?


CEEK helps organizations redefine and pursue wellness. We define organizational wellness as an engaged and inspired workforce serving a growing or otherwise successful organization. We contend that it is an intentional, values-based culture that serves as the glue between those two things.

In our efforts to help organizations define the values and behaviors that define the culture and differentiate the organization, leaders often cite “integrity” as a core value that sets them apart from others.


Since when did integrity – or an organization’s commitment to do the right thing – serve to set them apart from competitors? I used to view integrity as a right-to-play value. It was a necessary characteristic to be in the game as a person or an organization. Those who lacked it, would not survive.

While I still believe a lack of integrity catches up to individuals and organizations, the power of short-term gains often clouds the inevitability of long-term pains. I have come to realize that Integrity can be a significant differentiator for an organization. At CEEK, we embrace Integrity as a differentiating core value of our organization. Only we adopt a much broader definition of Integrity – we call it the Three W’s of Integrity:

  1. Honor your Worth
  2. Honor your Word
  3. Honor your Wholeness

Over the next three weeks, I will unpack each of these critical components of Integrity via successive blog posts released each Thursday. I encourage you to sign up for CEEK’s email list if you would like to receive these blog posts directly via email. Otherwise, simply follow us on LinkedIN for weekly inspiration and practical tips to enhance individual and organization wellness. Until then…CEEK a Better Way!