Directly above view of unrecognizable woman sorting out mess on working table, moving stationery, documents, food and plant

Keeping a Tidy Workspace


Working from home often means that I don’t leave my house for days at a time. Because of this, it is important for me to maintain an organized and clean home. This prevents added stress and helps me to stay composed during long workdays. It also removes distractions, looks more professional and keeps my supplies within easy reach (it’s called tool control, people!).

Maintaining a clutter-free space is important no matter your work locale. It’s important for individuals and companies alike. A clean and tidy environment helps with company image, boosts morale, and keeps your employees healthy and productive. Everyone has their preferred “work look,” whether it’s minimalist, traditional or modern. Some people even prefer ‘organized chaos,’ but this often corresponds to unrecognized stress.

How do you maintain a workspace that is inspiring? CEEK’s President, Steve Wiley, prefers to end the day by tidying his workspace. This method gives the workday a finality. He’s put his tools to rest and can now focus on personal goals.

Below are three habits that I’ve developed to keep my environment clean:

1. The workspace reflects tasks for the day.
Once I’ve created my task list for the day, I clean my workspace to reflect that task. Aesthetic accessories and decorations aside, if I don’t think I’ll need it today I move it out of sight. This encourages me to create a work plan and keeps a tidy environment.

2. Tool control.
I give everything a home. Pens, phone, headphones, chapstick. Everything. I keep my tools in the same place and put them back when I’m finished with them. This way I won’t be frantically searching my desk for my phone or a pen.

3. Don’t need it anymore? Get rid of it.
If I’ve completed a task, I take some time to clear my space from everything I needed for it. This gives me a mental break between tasks and helps to prepare me for the next thing on my agenda. This is also a good time to go for a walk or take a long break.

In the end, it’s your environment so you organize (or not) in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. So, find your routine and share it with us!