Christmas Baking Background . Ingredients for making traditional Stollen pie.Traditional German Cake with raisins and chocolate.

National Fruitcake Month: Reflect and Plan


This month, we challenge you to take stock of your organization, reflect, and plan strategically for the year ahead. December is National Fruitcake Month and everyone has their own special spin on the recipe, typically made with a mix of fruit, nuts, and spices, all left to soak in spirits before being baked to deliciousness (but never to perfection, because here at CEEK we’re always adjusting the recipe). 

Similarly, every organization has their own goals, needs, and definition of success and engagement. What have you done so far and what do you need to do grow your organization and maintain a healthy, engaged workforce in the coming year? As we close 2023 and prepare for 2024, we are taking a moment to reflect, plan, and consider our own recipe for success.

How to Reflect and Plan

  1. Collect your ingredients. Do you have everything you need to succeed in the coming year? Do you need to acquire or update any skills and abilities? It might be time to invest in some training for existing staff or open new positions.
  2. Gather your tools. Take a look at your team’s technology and equipment. Does your team have what they need to do their jobs well? Is everything in safe, working order? What is on the need list and the nice-to-have list?
  3. Review the recipe. When you started 2023, what was your recipe for success? How well did it turn out? Do you need to adjust what success looks like or how to get here in 2024?
  4. Bake it up. With the above answers as a guide, jot down your thoughts to get started on a strategy for success in 2024. Discuss your intended results with trusted colleagues, even your ideas are only half-baked.
  5. Let it soak. If you can, take time away over the end-of-year holidays to let your thoughts marinate. When you return, you’ll likely have a fresher view and new insights.

Has your organization defined its recipe for success? How have you reflected on what’s worked and what needs to be adjusted? Embrace National Fruitcake Month and our challenge to take stock of your organization, reflect, and plan strategically for the coming year. Visit our website to learn more about how CEEK can help your team think strategically. We can help you CEEK a Better Way.