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Organizational Wellness Challenge – New Year’s Recap


Happy New Year! Throughout 2021 we challenged leaders in organizations such as yourself to a variety of challenges to help promoted culture within your teams. This January we challenge you to revisit some challenges, as well as a few new ones, to help alleviate any potential issues brought on by the recent holiday season.

Research has found that the holidays have the potential to bring as much stress as they do joy. This can be brought on by many factors, whether that be preparing for family’s arrival, planning a trip to visit family, getting gifts on a tight budget, spending the season alone, etc. So how as a leader can you help reduce the stress the holidays may bring your team?

To answer this question, we thought we would revisit some of the organizational wellness challenges we’ve done this year. Consider the following to help alleviate stress for your team this holiday season.

1. Encourage Open Communication

In October’s Organizational Wellness Challenge, we suggested a regular check-in with your employees. As the year winds down, a simple call to check in can have a tremendous impact. To build on that this month, encourage open communication within your team. Be sure to focus on the year that was and express gratitude for the contributions made by your team members. Touch base regularly with your team members and make sure that they feel heard. All of this can help create a more relaxed and comfortable environment that can calm any potential anxiety during this busy season.

2. Encourage Regular Breaks

Sitting at a computer for hours on end, 12 months each year, crunching away at a project can have negative impacts on an employee’s mental and physical health. Physical movement can help bring more oxygen to the brain and help overcome creative and productive blocks. Employees cannot keep creating on empty. While a ten-minute break can give a much-needed boost to recharge, we also challenge you to encourage your employees to take time off during the holidays they choose to recognize. Afford your team the opportunity to fill their tank!

3. Adjust Expectations

In March we highlighted how the pandemic and associated impact on the economy has added significant stress to organizations and individuals. This is still true as we move into the holidays. We challenge you, again, to review the goals, objectives, and timeframes set for you and your team and allow more leniency during the holiday season. Ask your team what they feel is a reasonable timeframe to meet certain deadlines while still respecting their scheduled time off.

4. Get Together

We challenge you to get your team together either virtually or in person for an event. While the pandemic is still active, we have some virtual holiday themed activities that you can do with your team. Getting together outside of a strictly professional setting can help you get to know your team members better. This can enhance team spirit and company culture, improve employee engagement, and help your team members feel seen and appreciated.

We hope that one or more of these reminders may help you and your team mitigate anxiety and stress this holiday season. We wish you peace, love, and organizational and individual wellness throughout the season and in the year to come. We hope you will continue to follow and embrace our monthly challenges as we CEEK a Better Way in 2022!