Improve the customer experience with Panviva knowledge management software by delivering consistent knowledge across all your channels. You’ll increase first call resolution, boost efficiencies, and increase customer satisfaction.

Deliver accurate knowledge from a single source of truth

Improve performance and the employee experience.

Fast track employees’ learning paths from anywhere with on-the-job support.

  • Navigate seamlessly between business applications with our “guide on the side.”
  • Decrease training times with accessible onboarding resources and information.
  • Empower knowledge workers to confidently and consistently answer complex questions in ever-changing, highly compliant industries.

Deliver knowledge everywhere

Reduce employee workload by providing knowledge through chatbots, IVRs, websites, and other digital channels from a single source of truth.

  • Streamline self-service on websites and customer portals using existing knowledge.
  • Curate responses to deliver the right knowledge for each channel and audience.
  • Provide contextual knowledge to agents based on where they are in their business application.

Remain compliant and competitive, especially in highly regulated industries highly regulated industries

Eliminate compliance risk! Panviva Knowledge Management simplifies complex regulations and processes


Deliver a complete and compliant patient experience.

  • Meet regulatory requirements by complying with patient data protection laws.
  • Provide confidence in care with accurate knowledge for every inquiry.


Boost efficiencies and reduce cost while improving your customer and digital experience.

  • Slash training times with intuitive, on-the-job support.
  • Give customers 24/7 access to the knowledge they need through chat bots and web portals.


Simplify processes for your agents so they can focus on the customer.

  • Reduce compliance failures by delivering contextual knowledge at an agent’s moment of need.
  • Stay ahead of constant regulatory changes with real-time notifications.