CEEK Life Balance Assessment

The CEEK Life Balance Assessment compares your professed priorities to your demonstrated behaviors, or how you live your life. In the areas where your professed priorities and demonstrated behaviors are in conflict there exists a source of tension in your life. Given such findings, the assessment provides a customized report to include a Life Balance Assessment score and tips and suggestions to intentionally pursue enhanced balance and fulfillment.


The Life Balance Assessment helps build awareness as the first and most important step to pursue enhanced Life Balance. We encourage you to refer to and leverage this report as you read the book, Navigate Chaos: A 5-Step Guide to Balance Work, Family, and Other Life Priorities. Coupled with this assessment, the book will guide you through a simple, yet powerful approach to manage the tension well in pursuit of healthy Life Balance.

CEEK Life Balance Assessment

  • If you are retrieving your second assessment based on a previous purchase of the Balance Assessment, you can use the Promo Code provided at original purchase. Input the Promo Code during checkout to take the assessment again at no additional cost!

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