Pursue “3-Factor Authenticity”


In the world of cyber security, three factor authentication is considered the ‘gold-standard’ for protection of information and resources. This layered approach to security includes:

  1. What you know (e.g. passwords, PIN, user ID, etc.)
  2. What you have (e.g. key fob, access card, digital certificate, etc.)
  3. Who you are (e.g. fingerprint, retinal scan, voice recognition, etc.)

While the application of any single factor in isolation provides some measure of security, such an incomplete solution is deemed vulnerable. It is the application of all three-factors of authentication in combination that provides a near impenetrable level of security.

Just as these three factors of authentication can be applied to protect information and assets, so too can they be applied to protect your identity, personal security, and peace of mind. At CEEK, we refer to this as ‘3-Factor Authenticity™.’

  1. What you know: The first layer of authenticity is self-awareness. What are your strengths and limitations? What do you do well? What are your interests? What are your weaknesses? What has shaped you into the person you are today? What do you value most? Honest reflection and assessment of such questions is necessary to live an authentic life. Know the person that you are to establish the foundation of true authenticity.
  2. What you have: The second layer of authenticity is acknowledgement and appreciation of that which you have as opposed to that which you do not. What are the blessings in your life? This may include material possessions such as a home or finances. More importantly, this includes the relationships you have and the people you value most. Avoid comparison, it is the enemy of contentment and authenticity. Own and appreciate the person you are and that which you have.
  3. Who you are: The third and final layer of authenticity is how you present yourself to the world. Do you present yourself in a manner that is consistent with what you know about yourself and that which you have? Or do you attempt to present yourself as something or someone you are not or that you wish to be? Worse yet, is your ‘who’ circumstantial depending upon the people you are with and/or where you are. Be the person you are meant to be in order to live a life of true peace and integrity.

CEEK helps individuals and organizations contemplate and apply the layers of ‘3-Factor Authenticity™’ to protect and secure their integrity. It is through the combined application of these principles that any individual can pursue a life of personal security, fulfillment, and peace. Similarly, organizations can apply the principles to promote and secure a values-based culture of trusted relationships and business success. Pursue ‘3-Factor Authenticity™.’ Know It, Own It, Be It…CEEK a Better Way®!