Racism – A Difficult Conversation


Like most individuals and organizations in our country, CEEK is appalled by the brutal and senseless murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. We recognize these horrific incidents as not-so-subtle reminders that pervasive and systemic racism still exists in our nation. We CEEK to be part of the solution.

At CEEK, we never shy away from difficult conversations. That is our specialty. Thus, the CEEK Team engaged last week to authentically share our background, thoughts, fears, and ideas.

Who we are

CEEK is black and we are white. We are women and we are men. We are young and, well, not-so-young. We attended state, private, HBCU, and international universities. We are from the north and we are from the south. We were raised in poverty and in privilege. Our families include police and military service members. Our ancestors were farmers, construction workers, business executives, and yes, racists. We wear white and blue collars. We are Democrats and we are Republicans.

In spite of our different backgrounds and experiences, we are one. Today, we speak as one shared voice.

What we believe

At CEEK, we believe that hypocrisy is the most detrimental force to morale within organizations. We define organizational hypocrisy as a state where professed values differ from demonstrated actions or behaviors.

The preamble to our Declaration of Independence states that “all men are created equal.” We value equality as a nation, regardless of race, gender, faith, or sexual orientation. We have to ask ourselves, do the collective actions and behaviors of our nation reinforce this core value? Sadly, the answer is no. And where hypocrisy exists, intentional or not, morale suffers. And when morale tanks, organizations fail.

At CEEK, we stand for equality and compassion. We promote empathy and understanding. We strive to learn more. And we commit to make a sustained difference.

What will we do

CEEK will do what we do best. We will facilitate difficult conversations. We will ensure that the positive momentum of today is carried forth tomorrow. Today, we announce a new ritual as part of our intentional, values-based culture.

On an annual basis, on or near the anniversary of George Floyd’s death (May 25), CEEK will plan, publicize, and facilitate a seminar titled:  CEEK a Better Way…to Equality. This seminar will provide individuals and organizations education and training related to unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion, systemic racism, and other related topics. And like we do within our own team, we will facilitate conversations among groups of participants to authentically share, understand, and value diverse perspective while recognizing a shared and good humanity.

CEEK intends to request a small donation for the seminar with all proceeds going to one or more charities that promote racial equality and diversity in the workforce.