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September Wellness Challenge: Adopt a Growth Mindset

A new month, a new Wellness Challenge, friends! This month, we’re working on mindset. But first, let’s recap August’s challenge. As always, let us know how it’s going here in the comments or on Twitter and LinkedIn.

September’s Challenge: Be the best at your game by adopting a growth mindset

We’ve all heard that physical activity is good for the mind and the body. While physical strength and endurance are definitely necessary for a healthy lifestyle, mindset is equally important.

Adopting a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset can be the line between success and failure. Imagine a college football kicker just missed the first field goal from 45 yards away. Internally, they feel like they let their team down. Which scenario below demonstrates a growth mindset?

  • Scenario 1: Their mind chatter is saying things like, “I rarely am able to kick a field goal from more than 40 yards out. I will never be able to kick a field goal that far out in a game.”
  • Scenario 2: Their mind chatter is saying things like, “That field goal attempt definitely pushed my ability. With more practice and some additional strength training, I believe I can make that field goal from 45 yards out and even further.”

Can you guess which of the scenarios above demonstrates a growth mindset? The second scenario, of course. Do you see how having that growth mindset gives the kicker something to work towards versus Scenario 1 which makes it feel impossible? That is the difference between a fixed and growth mindset. At work, it might look like getting feedback from your manager on how to make improvements to your work and taking your mind chatter from “I am not good at my job” to “I am thankful for this feedback and think I can incorporate some changes to improve.” At home, it could be that after you just caught yourself yelling at your kids, you switch your mind chatter from “I am an awful parent” to “I don’t like it when I yell at my kids and know I have other parenting techniques that work better.”

For the month of September, try the following:

  1. Identify at least one area where you regularly employ a fixed mindset. Write down the fixed mindset and the self-talk that accompanies it.
  2. Then, write down a growth mindset alternative and the self-talk that accompanies that new mindset. How does this growth mindset serve you?
  3. Continue identifying fixed mindset areas and find more productive growth mindsets.
  4. Challenge yourself this month to be the best at your game by adopting a growth mindset. In doing so, you might just find this season is more productive and fulfilling than you could have imagined!

Our September Challenge is up! CEEK challenges you to be the best at your game by adopting a growth mindset. CEEK a Better Way!


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