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CEEK helps organizations redefine and pursue ‘Organizational Wellness’ via solutions that enhance collaboration and teamwork, mitigate anxiety and stress, promote healthy balance, and advance a values-based culture. Our tailored solutions in each of these areas include organization wellness assessments, training workshops, professional coaching, and related consulting services. We provide innovative performance support systems that reinforce professional development and facilitate continuous improvement. If your organization depends upon healthy, engaged, and inspired people working effectively toward a common purpose…’CEEK a Better Way®!’

from our clients
“Thanks for your leadership influence here.  I am deeply appreciative.” 
Executive Vice President & COO, SciMetrika
“You bailed us out of a very tough stretch here.  There’s no way we could’ve done what we did without your help.”
Vice President, EmeSec
“CEEK helped me get back to my core values and renew my vision for the business. Thank you!”
Owner, Superior
“I found your presentation to be so inspiring.  It was wonderful to get that little “nudge” to be reflective.  Based on your thoughts & examples, I am already making positive changes in my life. I can’t thank you enough!”
Division Director, SciMetrika
“Steve Wiley delivered high-quality work products, which are serving as the foundation of our company. The time with Steve was invaluable. We were thrilled with the end result.”
President, Harmonics Consulting
“I see you read the proposal well…this Executive Summary sounds fantastic.” 
Vice President, VETS
“Thanks again for your efforts at our offsite.  It was great event that will have a lasting impact.”
Associate Director, Biogen Idec
“I would never have made it through the summer without you…I want you to know how very grateful I am.”
Director, Bid & Proposal Development, SciMetrika
“Steve Wiley has been instrumental in leading our very critical proposal effort…He did a phenomenal job in putting together the excellent response.”
President, Halvik
“You gave dedicated time and made us feel like your biggest priority in life…Much appreciated.”
President & CEO, EmeSec
“Steve Wiley is a great leader and an inspirational mentor.”
CTO, Harmonics Consulting
“You were great, a wonderful, natural speaker. Hope you will come back for 2nd annual ‘Giving Wings to Dreams’ seminar.”
Founder, Sunflowers Rising
“I have really been impressed by your leadership approach. When I was having issues, you allowed me to be open and honest with you. You provided me a place to be mentored.”
Project Manager, VETS
“Thank you for speaking to our leadership group. My business partner said he “was at the edge of his seat the whole time.  Definitely made an impact!”
Co-Chair, Leadership in Action, NC State University

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CEEK Events and Announcements

If you ‘CEEK a Better Way®’ to work and live, join us for one of our upcoming webinars.

Upcoming Webinar

CEEK a Better Way…to “Be ePIC™” (with Steve Wiley, February 15 – 12:00-1:00)

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Upcoming Webinar

CEEK a Better Way…to a Happier, More Agile Family (with Chris King, April 18 – 12:00-1:00)

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Upcoming Webinar

CEEK a Better Way…to Make More Effective Requests (with Jennifer Hughes, June 20 – 12:00-1:00)

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‘CEEK a Better Way®’ Services

If you ‘CEEK’ to grow and succeed through the efforts of an inspired workforce driven to serve conscious organizations, learn how CEEK can help.

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People Development & Workforce Engagement
Our workshops, coaching, and consulting services inspire individuals to find a renewed sense of purpose in their jobs and fulfillment in their career and lives.

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Culture & Transformational Strategy
We offer innovative approaches to define strategy, improve performance, and discriminate the organization through its core values and an intentional culture.

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Organizational Performance & Growth
We offer tools, templates, experience, and training to help you pursue more efficient and effective means to capture new business and meet corporate objectives.

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CEEK Videos

To learn more about CEEK or for a sneak peek of our ‘CEEK a Better Way®’ workshops and speaking engagements, check out the following videos.

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