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At CEEK, we define healthy life balance as “a state in which professed priorities are consistent with demonstrated priorities.” The CEEK Life Balance Assessment is designed to help you objectively compare your professed and demonstrated priorities. Based on these findings, this assessment provides a customized report including tips and suggestions to intentionally pursue enhanced balance and fulfillment.

We encourage you to refer to and leverage your personalized assessment report as you read the book, Navigate Chaos: A 5-Step Guide to Balance Work, Family, and Other Life Priorities. Coupled with this assessment, the book will guide you through a simple, yet powerful approach to manage the tension well in pursuit of healthy life balance.

Click the link below to take the Life Balance Assessment. Copy and paste the following Survey Access Code to start the survey –


Journal for Book Activities and Exercises

Click on the link above to download a workbook of all the questions and activities shared throughout Navigate Chaos. This workbook can assist you as you read the book or as a helpful guide following completion of the book.

Journal for Life Balance Assessment Activities

Click on the link above to download the templates provided to help address findings from your personal Life Balance Assessment.