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CEEK is excited to kick off our new cohort of SOAR leaders! Based on the book, Language and the Pursuit of Leadership Excellence: How Extraordinary Leaders Build Relationships, Shape Culture and Drive Breakthrough Results by Chalmers Brothers and Vinay Kumar, Jennifer Hughes is guiding 12 industry leaders on a journey of self-discovery. Our participants are using the power of language and conversations as primary tools to address concerns and achieve their desired results at work and in their personal lives.

Because learning begins by knowing where you want to improve, the program began with a session on self-assessment and goal setting. Using the Wheel of Life exercise, we asked participants to reflect on how satisfied they are in eight key areas: career, money, health, friends and family, significant other/romance, personal growth, fun and recreation, and spirituality. Discussing this exercise helped participants refine their goals for the program. Participants will revisit their goals throughout the program to see how they are learning and growing.

At the end of the session, Jennifer asked participants to describe what they thought about the day. One participant changed his ideas about the program from “mandatory” to “worthwhile.” Another remarked that he doesn’t take time to “do this stuff” but noted that seeing it and working through it is powerful. CEEK is intentionally taking these leaders out of their day for 2-hour periods every three weeks to give them a small amount of time and space for learning that has a real impact in their lives.

Interested in learning more about SOAR? The full list of sessions is available on our website and Jennifer will be sharing more about each session here on the blog. Follow this space to learn more and watch out for availability of our next cohort!


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