Are you convinced that your way of doing things is the RIGHT way?

Just recently, I realized I was reorganizing the dishwasher after my husband loaded it. I took a step back and thought about why I was doing this. What I realized is that I thought my way of loading the dishwasher would allow for more dishes to fit in and was therefore the RIGHT way to load the dishwasher. I then thought, How much time am I spending being RIGHT and what is this doing to those around me? My husband might stop loading the dishwasher because he feels like he always does it WRONG.” Believe me, I don’t want that to happen!

As a leader, do you give your team members opportunity to solve problems or are you always providing the path forward. As a parent, do you allow your children to explore possible solutions on their own or are you always giving them direction? As a spouse, friend, family member, and/or representative of the community, do you grant others the opportunity to have their thoughts and opinions with no judgement?

If your way of thinking or being is always RIGHT then the minute you come across someone who has a different perspective or idea, you may make them feel they are WRONG. The more often this happens, the more likely they will disengage with you. This “I’m RIGHT” pattern of behavior may crush the creativity of your team, discourage your children from having deep conversations with you, or stop anyone in your life from engaging with you beyond a superficial level.

When you catch yourself in the “I’m RIGHT” mindset, ask yourself this: “Would I rather be RIGHT than engage my team?” “Would I rather be RIGHT than have my children feel like they can talk to me about anything?” “Would I rather be RIGHT than be in relationship with all these great people?”

And, rather than RIGHT vs. WRONG, focus on What Works and What Doesn’t Work. I can honestly say that the way my husband loaded the dishwasher absolutely works even if it isn’t how I would load it.

Challenge the I’m RIGHT mindset and CEEK…a Better Way!