Self Improvement


This September, we challenge you to focus on self improvement for yourself and your team. If you’ve been following along, you’ve already recommitted to your goals and considered your legacy, so you should have a good idea of what skills you need to develop for success moving forward. Otherwise, now is a good time to start. What skills do you need to grow within your team as you work toward your personal and team goals for the year and think about goals for next year? Roll up your sleeves and join us in celebrating National Self Improvement Month!

Improve as a team

We humans are social creatures—we don’t live or work in a vacuum. Generally speaking, we also don’t like change all that much. Engaging in change requires awareness and motivation. We feel more comfortable engaging in change and improvement efforts when we are surrounded by others who care about our goals and progress. So, put your organization to work at supporting each other through this improvement effort.

  1. Connect personal development to goals. Make sure individuals understand expectations in terms of what they do (skills) and how they do it (values and behaviors).
  2. Enable self-awareness. Team members need to understand where they are starting from so they know which skills to improve and how. Consider coupling self-assessment (such as SurePeople Prism or DiSC) with peer assessments (e.g., 360 reviews) to identify strengths and/or gaps.  (And be sure to partake in this as well as a leader.)
  3. Provide recurring feedback and coaching support. Regular feedback is necessary for improvement and accountability. Consider engaging a coach, scheduling recurring feedback discussion, or team retrospectives to help yourself and your team improve more consistently and more confidently knowing they are moving in the right direction.

Embrace National Self Improvement Month by engaging in a team effort to develop skills that support this year’s goals and leave you well positioned to launch next year’s initiatives!

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