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What’s Your Team’s Legacy?


This month, we challenge you to consider your team’s legacy in terms of its culture. August is National What Will Your Legacy Be Month. We often think of legacy as what we leave behind—goals achieved, visions realized, or boxes checked and packed for the next generation. During this month of introspection on legacy, we challenge you to view your team’s culture through the lens of its legacy.

Has your culture just happened or do you have a defined, Intentional Culture that will persist and thrive after you move on to your next big thing? How can you and your team be clear to those who will one day hold your positions about the values you demonstrate in service to your clients, colleagues, and community? Does your team have a track record of demonstrating a clear, intentional application of values and rituals, or associated behaviors? Take this month to deep dive into how your organizational culture shows up.

Legacy as a Lens

CEEK contends that an intentional, values-based culture is the glue between a successful organization and a healthy, engaged workforce. Legacy is a powerful lens you can use to view your team’s intentional culture. When you think about your team’s cultural legacy, can you see a direct connection from its expressed values to its demonstrated behaviors and operating norms?

  1. Quiz your team. You know your team’s legacy is in its culture. Can your team articulate what that culture is? Do they know the mission, vision, and values? If the answer is no, it might be time for some internal marketing.
  2. Make connections. Can your team connect your stated values to desired behaviors and rituals? If not, what’s getting in the way? Do your rituals need to be changed or updated? Or is something else going on?
  3. Talk about it. Make this an ongoing conversation with your team. Commit to discussing your team’s intentional culture regularly as a group.
  4. Recognize success. Has someone demonstrated one or more team values that directly contribute to your cultural legacy? Tell them and tell others! Write it down and share it so your team has a written record of your intentional culture in action.

With legacy as a lens, carefully examine your team’s intentional culture. Visit our website to learn more about how CEEK can help your team develop and implement an Intentional Culture Plan that differentiates your organization. We can help you CEEK a Better Way.